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Cooking from the Farmers’ Markets

Spinach is plentiful at the Farmers’ Markets right now.  One of my favorite things for breakfast uses spinach so I’m a pretty happy camper!  And actually, it’s one of those dishes that is good for any meal of the day.  This dish doesn’t look super pretty but it makes up for it in taste. 
Basically, I just sauté onions in a little olive oil until golden in a large pan.  Then add a couple handfuls of spinach and cook until it’s wilted.  If the spinach is a little bit wet this will go a lot faster.  And if the spinach is young you don’t really need to do anything to it, if it’s a bit older and larger I may tear it up a bit and remove any tough looking stems.  I sometimes add a minced garlic at this point.  And if I’m going to add meat – bacon is my favorite – I’ll add it now, too.  I generally cook the meat separately but you could cook it first and use the drippings instead of olive oil. 
Once the spinach is wilted and the meat is warmed, I add a beaten egg into the pan.  It will cook super quickly at this point and almost immediately, I’ll grate a little cheese over the top.  A couple final stirs to make sure the egg is cooked and everything is equally distributed and then out on the plate!  I often just have this by itself but it’s also nice to add some toast or fried potatoes or even a little salad, if this is lunch or dinner for you!

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