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I think radishes are overlooked way too often.  Among my foodie friends I’d be hard pressed to name someone who buys them on a regular basis.  Or even on an occasional basis. I love them – always have.  Each week there’s at least one bunch in my haul from the local farmers’ market.   And today with all the various types and colors available there’s a radish for every taste.  But I still love these basic red globes – fresh, sweet with just a little spicy bite. 
  1. Naomi permalink
    08-May-2007 8:04 pm

     Today for the first time I ate radish.  I was just trying a new vegetable.  The spicy zing was not on the bite though; it came with the swollowing.  It is an interesting flavour.  Now I need more dishes for my radishes.

  2. Culinary permalink
    09-May-2007 5:35 pm

    Hello!  I\’m glad you liked your first radish.  You\’ll find the different varieties all taste and act a little different.  They are mostly use fresh but you can find them in things like sandwiches, too.  Have fun!

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