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In the Oliver’s Twist post I briefly mentioned Gasworks Gallery and   This organization has been in the news quite a lot recently but it certainly is worth mentioning again.  Especially since I am a big NW Harvest supporter and am fairly up to date on happenings in Seattle (at least I like to think so!) and I only became aware of this great organization late last year. 
I read about the group in late October.  And it seemed once I’d heard about them I kept seeing them everywhere – especially in the news in early December when they donated 90,000 pounds of potatoes to NW Harvest at King 5’s Home Team Harvest Food Drive. My November and December schedule was very hectic so I was only able to finally attend my first event last Friday. 
The premise of the group is to support and supplement NW Harvest by raising money for and collecting bags of potatoes.  They do this a number of ways but the most common and easiest way for you to get involved is through the monthly Fremont First Friday Art Walk gallery opening at Gasworks Gallery.   During the monthly events, Gasworks Gallery hosts a party and they request you bring a non-perishable food donation or donate $5 at the door.  This is strictly voluntary but I highly encourage you to do so! 
Then you can stroll the gallery viewing various artists’ works, talk with the artists and sip a glass of wine while doing so.  Gasworks also provides a few nibbles to go along with the wine.  The point here, though, is not what you get for your $5 but what you are giving.  $5 buys a lot of potatoes in bulk and those potatoes can feed a lot of people.  NW Harvest is known for getting more from their donated dollars than seems humanly possible.  To learn more about these events and to sign up for the newsletter visit
Gasworks is now adding another event to their repertoire, Paint Dancing!  For this event you donate $10, they supply painting materials (and music!) and you have a Paint Dancing event.  They had the first one on New Year’s Eve and it must have been a success as there is another scheduled for January 19th.  I’d love to check it out but as I’m hosting a work group at NW Harvest the next day – and then having the crew over to my house for late lunch/early dinner – I’m probably going to have to pass on this one and try to make the next.   Although maybe I’ll manage to sneak in for a bit just to see what’s going on.  
So there are now two ways for you to easily get involved and help support NW Harvest and have a great time doing so.  Check it out – this is a fun way to dispel those Seattle winter blahs that set in just about now.  Hope to see you at one of these events soon!      
Gasworks Gallery
3815 4th Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98105

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