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Fresh Grapefruit Juice

I was shopping at my local Central Market over the weekend and came across the most wonderful display of Texas Pink Grapefruit.  The fruits were huge – like a small child’s head!  And they were heavy which meant lots of good juice.  I picked just one that day – just to make sure that they were as good as they seemed to be before I invested in a big bag of them. 

When I sliced it open the sweet, tangy smell of luscious grapefruit escaped from the cut and the surfaces glistened with their precious juices.  Each half was so large that it nearly overwhelmed my juicer!  But I wiggled and shifted and maneuvered them around until they had released every last drop of juice into the waiting glass. 
Each half fruit produced over 6 ounces of the slightly-but-not-too-tart, flavorful, dark pink juice.  It was a little taste of sunshine on a very grey day!  I’m heading back to the store to load up now!

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