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Umi Sake House

M and I made a stop by Umi Sake House a couple weeks ago.  We wanted to check out their Happy Hour specials.  This was our first visit since the pre-opening party we’d attended in late May.  Everything had been so great that night – would they be able to maintain the quality during real service? 
And the answer is definitely YES!  And, the Happy Hour is such a great value that it will be hard not to go back again! We both ordered Sushi Set B, which was four beautiful pieces of sushi with a side of a lovely seaweed salad.  The pieces were very generous (although that might have been slightly influenced by our sitting right at the sushi bar and talking with the chef; it’s hard to tell) and it was beautifully presented. 
Sushi Set B contains one each tuna, salmon, yellowtail and albacore.  And – sit down for this – it’s only $5!  What an amazing bargain.  Sushi Set A adds eel to the mix.  There are plenty of other options available on the Happy Hour menu –  various rolls, tempura and short ribs, just to name a few options.  A couple of beers and sakes are also on the Happy Hour menu. 
If you haven’t yet tried this new establishment I really suggest you check it out soon.  I think their menu and quality make them a place to visit at any time but Happy Hour certainly is an extra special bonus! 
Umi Sake House
2230 First Ave

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