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See Sound Lounge

R and I made one other stop last Friday and that was at See Sound Lounge.  They have one of the latest ending Happy Hours in town so we wanted to squeeze it in.  We arrived with about twenty minutes to spare.  There was a big group sitting near the open front windows and a couple of twosomes sprinkled around the upper room.  The DJ was already spinning with the music at a volume designed to pull people in off the street. 
We settled in at the bar and decided to try their happy hour wine, an Australian Shiraz.  when the bartender delivered the wine we ordered one of their happy hour appetizers, baked goat cheese.  After taking our order to the kitchen the bartender told us it would be about 15 minutes until we were served.  I love that proactive information! 
See Sound attempts to invoke all the senses with visual displays like the clouds constantly moving across the projected view over the bar.  Other images rotated behind the DJ.  As mentioned the music was a presence in the lounge.  Comfy yet trendy looking furniture welcomed newcomers as they entered. Spots of color catch your eye: pink gerbera daisies along the bar, the soft blue glow along the bar, yellow and pink lights along the walls.  In the lower bar red is the color the fills the space. 
As we sipped our wine people began drifting in, anxious to get a place prior to the arrival of the real crowds.  They positioned themselves in the best see and be seen spots. 
Our appetizer arrived warm from the oven.  The tangy goat cheese was perfectly warmed and spreadable.  In addition to the crostini the plate was graced with a small grouping of fruit.  Upon further examination it turned out to be dried pears that had been reconstituted.  They were amazingly yummy, especially when arranged with the cheese on a slice of crostini.  Because the pears had been dried the sugars were concentrated, making this flavor combination a bit tangy, sweet and salty – a perfect balance in each bite!
As we nibbled and sipped the bar began to fill up and we decided it was time to move on.  I’d love to come back for another Happy Hour, though.  If this appetizer was any indication they are doing some simple yet interesting things with food here and I’d like to taste my way through a few more of the choices. 
See Sound Lounge
115 Blanchard
Belltown, Seattle
Happy Hour until 8:00 pm

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