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Queen City Grill

It’s been quite some time since I’ve talked much about Queen City Grill.  Since I spend so much time there I’ve kind of left it off my list of places – both because I’m too close to it and also to spare you an ongoing litany about the place! 
One of the things I’ve always loved about the place is the people who work there, who I consider friends.  And for years the staff was pretty consistent.  Oh sure, someone would leave now and then but for years the core group could be counted on.  That all changed around the first of the year.  Due to various things – new ventures outside the restaurant world, new opportunities in the restaurant world, and general restlessness, I guess – there was just about 100% turnover at the bar. 
This has been both a sad and happy turn of events.  I miss the people who have come to be synonymous with this little home away from home.  On the other hand, several of them are in new locations (or soon will be) where I now instantly have friends to visit.  And I’m getting to meet a whole new group of people who (hopefully) will become a friends, too. 
Along with the new staff, have come some changes in the drinks menu.  One of the new guys, Todd, likes to do his own infusions and the menu is taking advantage of that.  Friday night after our early stops at Twist and See Sound lounge, R and I stopped by the QC. While catching up with old acquaintances (on both sides of the bar) and meeting new we sampled a couple of the new offerings. 
I had the Pomegranate Cosmo and R had a Cucumber Mojito.  The Mojito was especially good with the fresh taste of cucumber and mint – although it uses vodka not rum as the base.  The cosmo was also good, but not all that pomegranate-y, although a "normal" cosmo doesn’t really taste of cranberry either. 
I like these changes for a couple of reasons.  First, they were made after the new folks had a chance to really learn about QC and they are in line with what we expect there.  Next, a little change is good for all of us.  And finally, the drinks are good solid adult drinks – lots of people will enjoy them but they aren’t those beginner frou-frou dirnks so many places tend to go with.  Overall, a good thing. 
Queen City Grill
2201 1st Ave
Belltown, Seattle

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