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I Love Crab Cakes!

Last night M and I attended the I Love Crab Cakes! book release party at The Palace Ballroom.  This is Tom Douglas’ third cookbook and both he and co-author, Shelley Lance, were on hand to sign our copies. 
We had arrived just after the venue opened and I’m so glad we did!  People were starting to trickle in but it was by no means crowded.  We grabbed a couple of sample crab cakes to try while we waited in the (very short) line to get our books signed.  Without the pressure of a line stretching out we were free to jump into the conversation the women in front of us was having with Tom (about Tom’s Big Dinners – and we volunteered our Cooking Club experience) and then to spend more time chatting with him about the event and the various samples. 
After getting our autographs we made our way around the various stations to sample one of everything – okay maybe two of some!  What a fun way to eat dinner!  The cookbook has 50 crab cake recipes plus a chapter on sauces and salsas.  That last chapter alone is inspiring. 
There was only one version we tried that didn’t seem quite as exciting as the others, but I think it wasn’t cooked as long as it should have been.  That was the Tempura Crab Cakes with Shredded Nori.  I think they could have used one more minute in the wok to bring them to perfection. 
After sampling our way around, and browsing through the book before nodding off last night, I’m ready to have a little crab cake party! 

  1. 03-May-2006 11:15 pm

    B- Even though I\’ve been majorly offline lately for various reasons, your site still amazes me.  I love your writing and photos.  Damn, I\’m hungry again and I just got back from going out tonight…..  you kill me.

  2. Culinary permalink
    04-May-2006 7:04 am

    Hey BH!
    So good to hear from you!  I know this blogging world can have major impacts on "real" life and that is not always good.  You\’re missed but you\’ve got to take care of business, so to speak.  It\’s nice to know you are still popping in now and then, though. :-)  Thanks much for your comments!  And stop by again when you have a chance :-)
    ~ B

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