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This Week on The Spirit World


We started off on Sunday with two reviews of a new beer: one from Donavan, a beer connoisseur, and one from me a beer, uhh, primordial. 

Monday, Robert, gives us the lowdown on the real Martini – by the way he’s teaching a class here in Seattle on Tuesday!

Tuesday, Donavan gives us a little peek into Bube’s Brewery. Hmmm, interesting name…

Do you know what Dyk is?  And even more importantly, how to pronounce it?  Check out Sal’s post to find out. 

As mentioned earlier the suggestions for Happy Hour at Home were Sangria and Ribs.

Friday, a new contributor, Lara gives us a great recipe for a Lemongrass Cooler.

And we round out the week with a bevy of pink and springy cocktails


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