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Onion Tart … Again

Another version of the Onion Tart.  This has really become one of my favorite recipes as it’s so versatile and limited really only by your imagination.  For this one I added a bit of Thai Dragon Pepper to the onions while sautéing them.  It gave the tart a nice little zing – not enough to make even the most sensitive person uncomfortable just a quick hit of heat at the end.  I used ricotta and Parmesan for the base cheeses, dried tart cherries for the fruit and a nice Stilton crumbled over the top.  I like this blue better than the one I used at the Holiday Party. 
This tart was my offering for a cocktail party/bridal shower for K.  Several people mentioned how much they liked it – sometimes knowing I’d made it and sometimes recommending I go grab a piece – that’s always nice when you hear how much someone likes something and they didn’t know you made it. :-)  Only about a month until the wedding! 

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