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Meritage Wine Tasting


Part of the discussion during the Amarone Wine Tasting turned to Meritage and some of the bottles we all had stashed away.  At that time we talked about doing a tasting where everyone brought a bottle and we sampled through the whole lot.  (Meritage wine is a blend made from traditional Bordeaux varietals.)
My friends Chef Big John and Kim, let me know they were coming to the west side of the mountains for Taste Washington, among other things, and we made a little plan to do something Friday night.  And with their penchant for wine I decided this was the perfect opportunity to do our Meritage tasting.  Some of the original cast of characters were not able to attend but Big John and Kim also brought some friends along so we had a total of 9 people – which is a nice number for a tasting as everyone gets a decent sample from each bottle. 
When everyone had arrived we took a vote and decided to open several bottles at a time and let everyone choose what appealed to them. Our lineup for the night was heavy on Washington wines since we all enjoy our local wine industry, although I had a couple of older California wines I decided to add to mix.  Unfortunately, both of those wines had faded :-(  but we had some outstanding Washington blends. I’m not going to list them all as we managed to open and pretty much finish eleven bottles of wine but you can see many of them in the photo above.  

In addition to the wine, there was food, of course!  I made Baby Back Ribs Osso Buco Style, Smoked Salmon on Buckwheat Blini, Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus, a version of the Onion Tart, Gougere, and a cheese platter. 
We sampled our way through the wines and talked about everything under the sun. At the end of the evening all that was left were some leftovers, great memories and a pile of corks! This was a really fun way to do a wine tasting and was fairly easy to plan, as the host.  If you’ve been thinking of getting into wine tasting I recommend this idea as a place to start. 

  1. Unknown permalink
    13-Apr-2006 6:07 am

    Lovely photos!!!!!!

  2. Culinary permalink
    13-Apr-2006 7:03 pm

    Thanks, Katy!  I need to get caught up with all you\’re doing – that Chocolate Cherry Mousse looks amazing! 
    ~ B 

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