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New Wine Shop: Vino 100

While checking out Lincoln Square a few days ago I came across this new wine shop, Vino 100.  Why Vino 100?  "one hundred great wines for $25 or less"
I liked the shop and this idea.  They will search out and present some great wines that won’t break the bank.  Many are from small wineries with limited production so you won’t see them at any of the big shops.  I wasn’t familiar with everything there, of course,  but the wines I did know are wines that I’ve had, liked and would purchase.  The pricing seemed fair on the bottles I recognized. 
Each bottle of wine has a little card with a wine description, and two little gauges:  one for Flavor, sweet versus dry; the other for Body, from light to full.  This is a great concept since you can know so much with a glance.  Each card also lists a couple of food pairing ideas. 
It’s a great little shop and if I was in the area I’d certainly stop in again.  If you live on the East side or are visiting Lincoln Square make sure you stop in and take a look around!
Vino 100
Lincoln Square
700 Bellevue Way NE
  1. Unknown permalink
    03-Mar-2006 11:14 am

    I noticed this shop the other day as I rode by on my bike. I was late for something, so I didn\’t stop, but I\’d like to. It looked inviting. By your description, it sounds a little like Joshua Wesson\’s Best Cellars concept only a little more expensive.

  2. Culinary permalink
    04-Mar-2006 6:40 am

    It is very similar but somehow the wines seemed more interesting – maybe because with the higher price point they are able to bring in a different variety.  And there still seemed to be several wines in the $15 range.  With just 100 wines there\’s a limited selection but that sometimes can make it easier to make a decision about what you want.   And they actually did have a small collection of higher end wines, too.  Maybe 20 or so.  The people are nice.  They said they are doing Friday evening and Saturday afternoon wine tastings, too, so maybe you can drop in for one of those!

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