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Boutique Winery Wine Tasting



Last night K and I attended the Boutique Winery wine tasting. We ran into several other friends and made some new, and attempted to make our way through 30 wineries each offering, on average, three or four different wines.  Of course there was no way to try them all!

There were some wineries that I recognized and some that were brand new and, as you would expect, a whole range of tastes and qualities.  I was disappointed not to make it to the Alexandria Nicole table as they are a newer winery that I’ve been watching and I wanted to check out Vinland Farms, simply because all of their offerings were fruit wines.  But I just finally had to give up. 

I did get to try the Thurston Wolfe offerings:  Dr. Wolfe’s Family Red and Destiny Ridge Vineyard Cabernet.  I enjoyed them both but thought the Dr. Wolfe’s was a great deal at $15.  I had to try a couple of sips from a new winery, Midlife Crisis Winery, who seemed to also be having an identity crisis.  They had seven wines and one barrel sampling at their table.  The Pinot Grigio they’ve created is very good, although not what you expect from a Pinot Grigio at all.  I heard a couple people calling it the "Italian-style" but I would disagree.  This was actually a very, ummmm hearty Pinot Grigio.  I thought it had a lot of butterscotch in it.  Anyway it was interesting.  I wasn’t too keen on the others I tried – my guess is that the winemaker needs to focus a bit more; there were just too many offerings for this small business.

Chatter Creek had a couple of nice bottles.  I enjoyed the Pinot Gris and the Grenache they were pouring.  And Wilridge’s Melange was as good as I’ve come to expect from this winery.  I’m sure there were a few others I enjoyed but my notes are not quite as complete as I would have liked.  I wonder why that happened…

As the end of the evening I finally just had to put down my glass and follow my friends to Ray’s to grab a bite to eat.  And of course we shared one last bottle of wine, a Kestrel Syrah.  A perfect sip to end the evening. 

Next up:  Sexy Syrah, March 21 at Salty’s on Alki.  This one benefits Farestart

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