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What I Had for Breakfast

Andrew at Spittoon decided he wanted to check out what we all had to eat this morning and so he created a one time meme. 
My breakfast was a bit odd this morning.  I’d decided that I needed something rather substantial as I had a busy day ahead of me and probably wouldn’t eat again until about 4:00 pm.  Part of my day’s activities included a wine bottling and tasting and I didn’t want to hit that with an empty stomach!  However, I also didn’t have a ton of time this morning.  So I decided to throw a couple things together. 
First up, a couple of scones made from Fisher Fair Scones mix.  I love these scones and the best part is you can go from thinking about scones to eating them in about 15 minutes!  They are a quick and easy pastry fix!  While they were baking I pulled a few leftover Sausage Balls out and reheated them.  I made these for the Dinner Club meeting on Friday night (post coming soon…).  I’ll tell you more about them when I write up our dinner.  And finally, I made a fried egg over easy.  The entire breakfast was done in about 15 minutes, maybe less.   Top it all off with a cup of Monk’s Blend tea and you have a great start for a busy day! 
If you want to see how others started their Sunday, you can check out the summary on Andrew’s page. 

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