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BalMar to Open?

Word has it that a new cocktail lounge in Ballard will be opening on Sunday.  The name of the place?  BalMar – located at the corner of Ballard Avenue and Market Street.  There’s an interesting mix of people putting this one together and I think it bodes well for the place.  I’ll be checking it out in the next week or two and give you an update once I do. 
Update November 30th:  According to one of the owners, BalMar is now open – they were delayed a couple of days by inspections but got the "all clear" a couple days ago. 
Update December 12th:  See my First Look Report.
  1. 26-Nov-2005 8:07 pm

    How was this place? Anything worth experiencing?-BH

  2. Culinary permalink
    01-Dec-2005 5:21 pm

    I haven\’t made it there yet but hope to soon – maybe over the weekend as next week is jammed. I\’ll post something as soon as I check it out. ~ B

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