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M & M Locater

As I reported a few days ago M & Ms now come in a "Mega" version.  I found a bag at my local Bartells Drugtore and munched ’em down.  They were pretty good!  I mean they are still M & Ms but somehow with this newer, more substantial size they seem a bit more satisfying! :-) 
And there has been quite a hubbub over the new "adult colors".  I guess because they are more subdued that makes them more adult – I don’t know but I did like them for a change.  Of course, if you read my last post, you’ll have noticed I’m driven to buy all the various holiday and seasonal colors so obviously I like variety or maybe I’m just fickle or probably both. 
Anyway, in the comments, CookChile mentioned there are also Dark Chocolate M & Ms!  I had no idea.  Anyway, I found a handy tool for locating all these new varieties!  Check out "Where to Buy M & M Chocolate Candies".  You enter what type of M & M you are looking for, your zip code and a distance range and then search.  You’ll get a list of locations in your area! 
Okay, I know it’s a marketing tool but I love it! 
  1. Unknown permalink
    14-Aug-2005 3:17 pm

    CF:Your prior post struck a nerve. And in a fit of patriotic nostalgia, I scurried down to the supermarket on Friday and snarfed an entire bag of peanut M&M\’s before I\’d barely cleared the checkout lane.Not bad. But I have to say…M&M\’s would be a whole lot better if they\’d use anybody\’s chocolate but Hershey\’s.Cheers, mate!SalPS: My favorite M&M-like foodstuff is a Spanish candy called "Conguitos." They are outrageously good, but you\’ll NEVER see them in the US. Do a Google search, and you\’ll know exactly why.

  2. Culinary permalink
    14-Aug-2005 7:16 pm

    Sal, Of course after reading your message I had to let my fingers run (don\’t walk) to google to check it out! No, we\’ll never see those here – or at least not that we\’d be able to recognize. Reminds me of a pancake house that used to be around when I was growing up (that\’s assuming that I actually have grown up). We absolutely loved the story the theme was based on. Especially since "tiger butter" was what was served with the pancakes! Over the years is became something totally different – I don\’t even remember. Too bad – that little hero of the story was so smart and ingenious. We all wanted to be just like him. ~ B

  3. Unknown permalink
    15-Aug-2005 12:04 am

    I wonder if anyone under age 35 knows what you\’re talking about?I, however, am well-past 35…and do. We also used to eat at this unnamed restaurant (which I shall refer to as "Uncle Sam\’s!"). If any thing, the "tiger butter" story made me twice as hungry as when I walked in.Now…here\’s the interesting, rarely-understood thing about the story: It refers to India, not Africa. For example:The author (Helen Bannerman) was a Scottish woman living in India. The "tiger butter" refers to ghee (which, as you know but others might not, is clarified butter used as the main cooking fat in many parts of India).If you look closely at the original 1899 illustrations for the book, the little boy clearly has Indian features.And finally…there are (apparently) no tigers in Africa. But there are plenty in India.Too bad the story has fallen out of favor, because it\’s a great story for kids. Perhaps if we change the main character\’s name to "Little Smart Haresh?"Sal

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