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An Incredible Feast – Farmers’ Market Event

Coming up on Sunday September 11th at the location of the West Seattle Farmers’ Market is "An Incredible Feast"  a food tasting that pairs local farmers and local chefs.  The event runs from 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm. 
During the event the chefs will be cooking with a designated farmer’s offerings and you’ll have an opportunity to talk with both farmers and chefs!  The event is a fundraiser for the Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance
Tickets are $35 for adults, $5 for those 12 and under.  The event will include access to 20 or more fresh and unique dishes.  Beer and wine will also be available for purchase. 
For more information about the event, including some of the chefs who will be making an appearance,  see this news item
To purchase tickets call Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance at 206.362.5234
Ticket sales will be limited and may not be available on the day of the event. 
  1. Carla permalink
    18-Aug-2005 8:29 pm

    Hey, Like mind I see. Yours Is a bit more dedicted to food, But certainly I am sure we could share a few exchanges over a good cheese cake, Come see me. CQ

  2. Unknown permalink
    18-Aug-2005 11:43 pm

    A food tasting that pairs local farmers and local chefs?!Great!!! Now, let\’s see…who should I eat first? The farmer? Or the chef?Sal

  3. Culinary permalink
    19-Aug-2005 11:07 am

    My oh-so-literal friend, Sal! You are so very silly!! When items are paried it\’s often good to have a little bite of each together! :-) ~ B Culinary Queen: You have a nice start there. Post more food! ;-) ~ B

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