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Oregon – Nye Beach Café


I almost wasn’t going to write an entry for this place because it was such a disappointment but perhaps that was because my expectation was wrong. 

Nye Beach is in the historic area of Newport.  This is a recent designation.  All the times I was here when I was growing up Nye Beach was there but it wasn’t actually recognized in any way.  I always think of the working waterfront as the historic area of the town. The Café is located on the lower level of the Nye Beach Hotel.  I don’t know anything about this hotel but it’s one of those funky, older places that might be charming or not… But I had noticed that the café had Wi-Fi access so I thought it would be kind of a coffee house place. 

Wrong.  I think they were trying to give it a Mexican cantina feel.  It’s filled with plastic tables and chairs bearing Mexican beer logos.  There are cacti and spider plants and colorful posters decorating the room.  The effect is actually a bit jarring as nothing really blends, it just feels like lots of stuff set around.  I had a cup of tea (good) and banana bread (made from a mix?) that I deemed not worth the calories. 

However, what they do have is a deck right over the beach.  My guess is that if I had come here in the afternoon, especially on a sunny day, I would have thought the place was great as I sat on the deck, sipping a Corona and watching the waves. 

But you know, timing is everything. 

219 NW Cliff St
Newport OR 97365
(541) 265-3334  


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