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Oregon – Day 2 Itinerary & Travel


Hard to believe that I’m just starting Day 2!  One of the fun things about keeping a blog or diary of some sort is that you realize how much you really do!  And months/years later you can look back and remember in a way that would be impossible by just relying on memory alone. 

As I mentioned in the Day 1 entry it rained and stormed most of Friday night and into Saturday morning.  My plan had been to spend some time walking on the beach on Saturday but it was just too stormy – even for me.  I packed up the car, turned in my yurt key and grabbed a cup of tea at the Nye Beach Café

Then I hit the road for Corvallis.  The road between Newport and Corvallis (Hwy 20) is one of those great windy roads that follows the curves of little creeks and rivers that dot the area.  You cross through farmland, go over the Coast Range and back down into the Willamette Valley.  When there is a ton of traffic it can be frustrating but on this morning I pretty much had the road to myself. 

I got into Corvallis about 9:30 and went straight to the Oregon State (OSU) campus.  At that time on a Saturday morning it was very, very quiet.  :-)  OSU has a really beautiful campus.  At this time of year much of it is in bloom.  It’s filled with cherry and plum trees, and tons of rhododendrons and azaleas.  I circled past all my old buildings and took some time to walk around the Memorial Union and the Quad.  As would be expected many things have changed since I went to school there but many things seem exactly the same.  I spent a little time in the bookstore and picked up some things like the lovely Beaver Mug seen in the photo. :-)

I then toured around town.  When I was in school, Corvallis had a population of about 40,000 (it’s now about 50,000).  With the number of undergraduates at OSU at 20,000 you can understand why everything in town revolved around the university.  It still does although there are now some large companies, like Hewlett-Packard, with facilities in the area.  "Downtown" is still about the same size but I couldn’t find many of the landmarks I remembered.  I was specifically looking for a bakery where, for a year, I baked pies and bread for retail sale and to supply the attached restaurant. 

I did however come across two places that brought back memories.  One is The Beanery on the edge of campus.  This was my first "real" coffee shop experience.  I notice that they now are a chain with several locations.  The second place was a pub called Murphy’s.  It was on the edge of town, not normally a student hangout, but we bought kegs there as they had great prices. I was once left there as "collateral" when we realized no one had brought a check for the deposit on the keg.  Not wanting to mess up the party, I volunteered to stay at the pub until someone could come back with a check. Which thankfully, they actually did! :-)   As I was leaving town I drove by it and noticed it is now "Murphy’s Family Dining".  :-) 

Next I headed south back on 99W making my way to Junction City.  This was several miles of farmland and lots of baby things: calves, sheep, horses.  Also, tons of hawks circling and swooping.  I got to my sister’s, greeted her family and my Dad, who’d come down the night before.  We had a little lunch and then set out for a couple more wineries.  We visited:

Next stop – back to the house where we sampled some of our purchases outside on the front patio and had a great dinner my sister prepared, including steak and shrimp kabobs, a unique potato salad and blueberry pie with ice cream!

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