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14th Dinner Club – New Orleans Menu & Recipes


Friday night was our dinner club meeting.  We only meet once every two months which often seems to be too far apart, however, monthly seems a little too often with the amount of planning and research we do.  I guess it’s better that we all are anxious to get together for each meeting.

K was host this month and had originally tried to schedule the meeting closer to Mardi Gras time but with Easter (and therefore Lent) coming so early this year it just didn’t work.  So instead of a specific Mardis Gras theme she went with New Orleans. 

Here was our menu:

Appetizer: Mini Crawfish Profiteroles with Citrus Butter Sauce
Cocktail: Ramos Gin Fizz
Salad: New Orleans-style Italian Salad
Main: Pan Sautéed Catfish with Cajun Crawfish Butter
Sides: Dirty Rice and Maquechoux
Dessert: Quintin’s Bread Pudding 

14th Dinner Club – New Orleans Summary


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