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Seattle Farmers’ Markets


I am very happy to report that we are now about one month away from the neighborhood Farmers Markets opening!  It seems that over the last few years they’ve been opening a little earlier in the year and staying open a little later. 

My favorite market, the U-District Market will open on Saturday, May 7th.  (Their link is currently broken but check the main page for more info.)

West Seattle opens on May 8th.

Columbia City on May 11th.

Broadway on May 15th.

Lake City on May 19th.

Magnolia on June 9th.

Each market has its own personality and specialties so it can be fun to visit several of them. 

And, of course, Pike Place Market is open year round and will start filling with more local produce over the course of the summer. 

Check them out for beautiful produce, breads, cheeses and (in some places) meats and fish.  Not only will you benefit from the high quality offerings but you’ll also support the local farmers!  It’s a win-win!



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