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An Exciting Week in Store!


This week is a Culinary Fool’s dream! 

A little later today I’ll start with sharing information about how my weekend activities went – that is after I finish cleaning the kitchen and get another batch of napkins and tablecloths in the wash! :-) 

Tomorrow night I’m taking the Knife Skills class at Sur la Table.  I’m really looking forward to the class.  And it doesn’t hurt that the instructor is a handsome, local chef!

Wednesday night is the 2nd Food Bloggers get together.  Most of the group from last time will be there and a few new people will be joining us.  I’m looking forward to sharing a cocktail or two with the group. 

Thursday is a special event for some of the Seattle Taste the Nation table captains.  We’re having sort of a mini "Iron Chef competition" – however we are each doing a course and we already know our ingredients.  I’m participating as a Table Captain, helping with the logistics and providing some of the dinnerware, tools, etc.  I’ll be helping set up as a good friend is hosting at his house. 

Then I have just a little break until Sunday when I’ll be having a few friends over for brunch!  I guess I’d better get crackin’ on that menu – Sunday is going to be here before I know it!


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