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Sport Restaurant Mini-Review


My friend, L, and I checked out Sport last night.  I normally wait until a place has been open for a couple of months but I was anxious to check this place out for a couple of reasons.  First, as mentioned earlier, I miss Seastar and even though this is a totally different concept I wanted to see what John Howie had done with it.  And, with Superbowl being just a week away, I thought it might be an interesting place to watch the game. 

Right now I’m just going to say that the place has potential.  I won’t be there for Superbowl and will probably check back in a couple months to see how they are doing.  There was nothing really wrong with our meal but, on the other hand, there was nothing really outstanding about it either – maybe I expected too much.  I mean it is a sports bar, however, it’s a John Howie sports bar! 

I knew the menu was very casual – burgers, pizzas, wings, etc – so that part didn’t surprise me.  But everything was just pretty ordinary.  We ordered the Kobe Beef Tillamook Cheddar Cheeseburger.  It was good but the roasted onion spread overpowered the beef.  When you order Kobe beef (and pay for it) you want to be able to taste it.  I pulled some of the burger off and it was delicious and I liked the onion spread but it was just too much for the burger.  I probably wouldn’t spend the money on it again or I’d scrape off the onion but why do that? 

We also tried the Spicy Buffalo Wings. (In the menu pdf the descriptions are reversed for the first two types of wings.)  They were really flavorful and the portion was generous – there were 15 drumettes on the plate – but the wings themselves were minute!  I rechecked the menu to make sure they were chicken wings and not game hens or something like that! :-) We also ordered the Salumi pizza (I actually took it home after we each tried a slice).  It was flavorful with a nice, thin crispy crust but the crust was burnt.  Not horribly but noticeable.  So the food, while not bad, just wasn’t great – nothing you’d actually want to recommend. 

I had a great drink though! I had their Stras, a mixture of Stoli Strasberi and grapefruit juice.  I like drinks on the tart side and this fit the bill nicely.  L had the Desperate Housewife, basically a Cosmopolitan with a hint of peach.  Good and flavorful, but the finish was a bit sweet for me. 

Service was good – people were very nice.  I’m still trying to decide if I like the furnishings and layout.  I’ll withhold comment on that for now. 

I’ll check back in a couple months and see if things have improved.  In the meantime, it is a great place to watch games – screens all over the place, including 4 over the bar so you can multi-task your sporting events.  But go for the entertainment and don’t expect to be wowed by the food. 



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