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Introducing Shiro’s New Guard



Shiro and the New Guard
From left to right: Toshio Matsudo, Tsuyoshi Kobayashi, Shiro Kashiba, Jun Takai, Michikazu Yoshida, Aaron Pate, Yasuhiro Kusano


It’s hard to believe that Shiro’s Sushi has graced its quiet corner in Belltown for twenty years!  The small space is not fancy; it’s a little crowded.  There’s often a long line to get in; although they will take reservations.  But once passed the hurdles of getting seated, the food and the care and the hospitality more than make up for any trouble.

Shiro Kashiba has a long history of educating Seattle on the beauty of raw fish.  A few years ago he wrote a memoir detailing his experience.  (For a nice summary of his experience see Nancy Leson’s article about the book.) He’s responsible for training many of our local sushi chefs. He’s been a James Beard nominee.

Several years ago he sold his restaurant to Yoshi Yokoyama, who also owns I love Sushi in Bellevue, but continued to work a few days a week. Now, Shiro has decided to complete his retirement.  Although he hinted there may be a new project in store.

Presenting their work

Wednesday, Shiro’s Sushi hosted a small event to celebrate their twentieth anniversary, Shiro-san’s retirement, and to introduce the chefs who will now carry on his traditions.  The group of six has an impressive history, training and background.  Jun Takai will lead the team. He’s been at Shiro’s since 2012. All the chefs have many years of experience with one, Toshio Matsudo, claiming 47 years as a sushi chef!

Finishing Touches

After the speeches we celebrated with fresh bluefin tuna, that we watched the chefs prepare from the whole fish.  Shiro’s is in good hands.



You can see more photos from the event here.

Shiro’s Sushi
2401 2nd Ave

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