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Araya’s Place – Madison Valley



House Specialty


I’m definitely a carnivore, although I regularly make and eat many, non-meat meals.  I still hesitate, however, going to vegetarian restaurants.  Mostly because I’ve had a few bad experiences. And I like the option of meat. So I had a little trepidation when friends suggested dinner at a new, vegetarian*, Thai restaurant, Araya’s Place, in Madison Valley.  But I had nothing to worry about.


HOT Soup


Housed where Rover’s, Thierry Rateaureau’s French, (very!) fine-dining location, was until it closed earlier this year, this is the second Araya’s Place in Seattle.  There’s a third location in Los Angeles.




Walking into the restaurant was like having one of those dreams where everything seems familiar yet you know you’ve never been to the place before.  You can still see the bones, the structure of Rover’s, but the space has been completely opened up; there’s not a tablecloth in sight; plush curtains and wall hangings are gone; and what was cozy and refined is now bright and relaxed.  It’s a pleasant space and I appreciated the bare windows letting the last of the day’s light into the space.


Pumpkin Curry


We shared a selection of items and it was all delicious. My worries were totally unfounded.  Lots of lemongrass, Kafir lime leaves, Thai basil and other Thai flavors perfumed our meal; each dish was an exotic delight.  Portions were generous – I was the lucky recipient of all our leftovers – three of us could not finish two appetizers, a soup, and two entrees.


Put da lime in da coconut...


It’s nice to see Rover’s revived as another great Madison Valley dining option.

*Araya’s also has a number of vegan dishes.

Araya’s Place
2808 E Madison St.
Madison Valley

Araya's Vegetarian Place on Urbanspoon

Araya’s Place
5240 University Way NE
University District

Araya's Vegetarian Place on Urbanspoon

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  1. Jen permalink
    20-Sep-2014 10:37 am

    Beautiful photos! I’ve added this to my must try list. Thanks for posting.

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