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Repurposing Deliciousness


Steamed Mussels in Thai Basil Coconut Broth

This post is an idea, more than a recipe.  You might remember the photo from the Thai Mussels post I wrote a few weeks ago.  In that post I mentioned how delicious the broth is.  And it is!  When all was said and done I had quite a bit leftover.  It suddenly occurred to me that I could use it another way.  The next day I made risotto using the leftover broth.  I adjusted the risotto recipe for the amount of broth that was left.  It was so good!

Last weekend, friends and I had a big seafood feast on Saturday night.  My contribution was a riff on a traditional steamed clams dish.  There was both broth and a few clams remaining at the end of the evening.  I pulled the clams from their shells, strained the broth and brought them all home.  A couple of days later I made risotto with the broth and just before serving added the clams, too.  Again, delicious!

I have no idea why I haven’t done this before but you can bet I’ll be doing a lot of it in the future. If risotto is not your thing, you can always use the broth for regular rice, or as the base of a soup, as the start of a pasta sauce…..  the possibilities are endless. I’m thinking it might even add interesting flavor to a poached egg – that will be my next test.


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