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Storyville Coffee



Storyville Coffee


There’s a new coffee shop in town and I think it might just knock your socks off. Located in the former Chez Shea spot on the top floor of the Corner Market building at First & Pike, it’s a great spot to take a break from the hustle and bustle of Pike Place. Storyville Coffee has come to town and I’m guessing it will be a hit.

It’s a large spot, with handsome wood walls, cozy couches, an assortment of tables. The windows look out to the renowned, neon Pike Place Market sign and clock, and over the rooftop to the Puget Sound beyond. I was there early in the morning so it’s my memory tricking me into thinking the sun was streaming in – it couldn’t have been. But the large windows and subtle lighting gave me that impression.

Oddly enough, they only have one blend of coffee, although you can have it with or without caffeine. And, of course, all of your normal coffeehouse beverages are available. I tried tea the morning I was there but my friend said her latte was good. I would love it if they added teapots but you can’t have everything. Currently the menu is limited (they are in pre-opening mode) but what there is, is delicious. We tried the puff pastry filled with Black Forest ham and cheese, and a cinnamon roll. Both were light and flavorful – one savory, one sweet – but not too sweet.

As I mentioned they are in pre-opening mode. It’s an extended pre-opening and you can be invited to check them out, too. Go to click around until you see “Request a Passport” or “Request an Early Invite”. Fill in your details and you’ll receive an invite. I think mine came the day after I requested it.

Open to the public October 1.

Storyville Coffee
94 Pike St #34 (top floor)
Pike Place Market

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