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Seabrook: Mill 109



Mill 109's Choker Setter Club


If you’re staying on or visiting the Washington coast around Ocean Shores, dining options are rather limited. Don’t get me wrong – I love a good basket of fish and chips or burger as well as, maybe better than, most people but every now and then I want something a little healthier.

My go to place is Mill 109 in the planned community of Seabrook, which is a little less than 20 miles north of Ocean Shores. The lunch menu has interesting and delicious salads and sandwiches. And also, fish and chips and burgers – so there’s something for whatever you have a hankering for. I seem to always be there around lunch time but some time I’d like to try the breakfast and dinner menus, too.

The dining room is smaller than it appears from the outside so on busy weekends you may find yourself waiting for a table at prime times. I generally don’t have to wait if I arrive a little before or after the noon to 1:00pm hour.

Seabrook itself is a pretty little community, even if it is a bit Stepford-ish. And it sits on one of the prettiest areas of the beach, accessible via stairs just across the highway. You can’t miss Mill 109. It’s immediately to your right as you enter Seabrook from the highway.

Mill 109
5 W Myrtle Lane
Pacific Beach, WA

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