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Mo’s Pub and Eatery



Burger and Rings


Somehow I’d missed it on previous visits to the little town of Langley on Whidbey Island. I’m not sure how I’d missed it. Langley’s “downtown” is basically two main streets of one long block each with a few odd nooks and crannies to keep it interesting. There’s not much outside that tiny area so it surprises me that I’ve never wandered by Mo’s Pub and Eatery before. It’s on one of the main streets half a block outside the core area.

Last weekend I was in Langley for the Choochokam Arts Festival. I arrived early after spending a little time at Double Bluff beach. Since festival booths filled the core area  I looked for parking nearby and ended up with a spot just up the street from Mo’s. After browsing the booths, listening to a couple of great bands on the main stage and walking along the seawall I returned to Mo’s for lunch.

I had a burger and substituted onion rings for fries. Both were decent if not especially noteworthy. A toasted bun and a bit more of the “special sauce” would have improved the burger. The onion rings were perfectly crispy and as non-greasy as something deep-fried can be. Where Mo’s really shined, though, was with their staff.

They opened at noon and there was already a line of customers waiting just outside the door. As soon as the door opened people rushed in and grabbed tables. It was a gorgeous day and it was warm in the sun. Many of the first folks grabbed tables in the shade on the outside deck. Then they got a little cool and moved to the sun. Or inside. Others then moved to the open tables in the shade. Through it all Mo’s wait staff smiled and tracked people down as they moved. And even with so many people seated at once, orders came out fairly quickly. They did a great job.

I’ll give Mo’s another try soon. The fish and chips looked good and  a couple other menu items seem interesting. I love the little outside deck and the inside bar seems like a cozy place to hang out on a chilly day.

Mo’s Pub and Eatery
317 2nd Street
Langley, WA
Whidbey Island

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