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Tom's Special


It seems whenever my local nephews or niece have a celebration their choice of venue is Pegasus Pizza on Alki. And I can see why. The pizzas are loaded with delicious toppings – although strangely several of them include sunflower seeds – that come on a not thick/not thin but crispy crust. I love the way they shred the pepperoni on the Tom’s Special! It makes a crispy confetti topping that highlights the pepperoni flavor.

The salads are also generous and filled with a medley of vegetables. They are interesting and tasty, although the vegetables seem to be from a bulk restaurant supply distributor. Nothing wrong with that but I call it out since we have so many places using farm fresh produce that it can be a little bit of a surprise.

The location at the west end of Alki Avenue is perfect if you need sustenance after a day on the beach. I never have an issue with parking in that area (I park south of Alki, towards Admiral) but if you don’t plan your route it can be crowded on those super, sunny Seattle days.

The staff are always very nice and accommodating. I think Pegasus is one of those great family places that provides a relaxing and good time without a lot of fuss.

Pegasus Pizza on Alki
2770 Alki Avenue SW
West Seattle

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  1. Jkdrummer permalink
    13-Jun-2013 5:12 pm

    Your review is spot-on! A great anti-cracker crust pie.

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