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Lost Lake Cafe and Lounge



Happy Hour Burger


Lost Lake Café and Lounge had barely been open a week when I dropped by. I generally wait a little longer to check out a new place but I was motivated to try it immediately because it’s open 24 hours. While for most people the draw of a 24 hour place is late-night dining – especially after one too many cocktails – my interest is on the other end of the spectrum.

I am a morning person. There’s nothing better than getting up and having the whole world to yourself. It’s still fresh and clean; quiet enough to hear the birds and your own thoughts. The one downside is eating breakfast out. There are a couple other 24 hour places in Seattle and a few that open pretty early. Still, I’m always looking for something new to try.

Lost Lake is divided into two parts.  One side is high-ceilinged and bright; the other side – the bar – is low-ceilinged and dim. Both sides have counter seating with booths and tables dotting the rest of the room. Although Lost Lake has a bar and is open 24 hours, it has to follow Washington’s liquor laws so alcohol is not served for a few of the hours they are open. Last call will be at 2:00 am, as with every other bar in town, but they will begin serving again at 6:00 am.

For my first visit I sat at the counter on the bar side to check out Happy Hour. The Happy Hour food menu is short but sweet and leans toward the fried side. Tap beers and well drinks are also on special.


Manny's on the Bar


I ordered a Manny’s while I took in the scene. Bartenders and customers are all friendly. I mostly talked with a couple from Pennsylvania who were in town for just a few days. The crowd ran to the normal Capitol Hill group – a little of this, a little of that with lots of tattoos in evidence. For my dinner I opted for the burger with hand-cut fries priced at $2.50. I’d heard that service was running a little slow as the kitchen worked out their timing in this new space but my burger came out within a few minutes. It was a little bit charred on the outside, which means the center was pretty well done but it had good flavor and the fries were really good! Probably the best burger value in town. I had a second beer with my burger and my tab for the evening was under $10.

Next up? I’ll be checking out the breakfast menu which is served all day. I notice hash browns are on the menu. I love hash browns and way too many places now serve some version of cubed, fried potatoes instead of proper hash browns so I’m very excited to see if Lost Lake’s version measures up. Breakfast served at the crack of dawn and hash brown potatoes? This could turn out to be my perfect breakfast spot.

Update May 28, 2013: Had breakfast at Lost Lake on Monday. I’m sold! We had Crab Cake Benedict and Chorizo and Eggs. Loved them both. Portions are generous, I had the leftovers as my dinner. It was pretty busy at 8:30 am and started getting packed at 9:00 am.

Chorizo & Eggs at Lost Lake Cafe   Crab Cake Benedict at Lost Lake Cafe

Lost Lake Café and Lounge
1505 10th Ave
Capitol Hill

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