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The Tin Table



Steak Frites


The Tin Table moved into the OddFellows Building on Capitol Hill a few years ago.  You probably are familiar with the building as the home of long-time tenant, The Century Ballroom, or the streetside OddFellows Cafe.


Chickpea Fritters


The second floor location of The Tin Table may not have street appeal but that hasn’t kept it from becoming immensely popular and with good reason. On a recent Thursday I met friends there for an early dinner. When we arrived a couple of people sat at the bar, another in a cozy nook off the main entrance, but the dining room was empty so I was surprised when we asked for a table and ended up in the back room. Not that the back room is bad, in fact it’s a nice quiet place to dine with friends and the windows keep it from being claustrophobic. That lull in the dining room seating was only temporary. I could hear the tables filling as we dined and by the time we left there wasn’t an empty table.





The menu has a great selection of options and even the vegetarian will find more than one interesting choice.  Between the three of us we managed to sample several menu items including Chickpea Fritters, Corn Arancini, Pan-roasted Halibut, Potato Gnocchi (with spicy lamb sausage!), and Grilled Steak Frites.  I could eat them all again.  And again.


The Red Currant


Everything was beautifully prepared and presented.  Garnishes were thoughtful and unique without being fussy.  For instance there were tiny corn sprouts on our Arancini, and they were tasty.  The blue-cheese butter on the Steak Frites elevated a tender and tasty standard into a sigh-worthy entrée.


Gnocchi with Duck Sausage


The beverage menu has a nice selection of moderately priced wines, creative cocktails and a decent list of beers (as judged by number, since beer is not really my thing).


Roasted Halibut


The Tin Table is another one of those places I’d love to spend a rainy afternoon or evening. It feels warm and friendly. Just the place to while away a couple of otherwise dreary hours.

The Tin Table
915 E Pine St 2nd Floor
Capitol Hill

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  1. hallie permalink
    19-Sep-2012 11:31 am

    Thanks so much for blogging about The Tin Table, i’m glad you enjoyed it. I wanted to say i think your photos are beautiful, thank you for sharing those too. Hallie Kuperman (Owner, The Tin Table & Century Ballroom)

  2. 19-Sep-2012 4:47 pm

    That grilled steak looks very appealing!

    • 19-Sep-2012 5:40 pm

      It was delicious! Next time I’m in I’ll want it again but will also want to try something new…. decisions!

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