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Summer Soups



Soup shooters


I had forgotten how much I love Martha Stewart Living magazine. I was a charter subscriber and renewed for many years but then, as often happens with magazines, one year’s issues seemed an awful lot like the previous year’s and the year before that. So I cancelled my subscription and some time later gifted all my saved copies to some one who couldn’t believe their luck at scoring all those original issues. I was happy they were going to some one who appreciated them.

A couple of weeks ago I picked up the July issue and fell in love all over again. This magazine inspires me to start creating immediately – that can be food or a craft project or some decorating idea. And so it was with this July issue. One of the articles that captured my imagination was all about chilled, summer soups.  As I read the recipes I planned a lunch party.

I chose two recipes from the half a dozen options. Since I was serving two I decided to serve them as soup “shots” so that everyone could try them both and still have room for the rest of the meal.

The Avocado, Radish and Basil soup was rich and creamy with the radish adding bites of spice. The Cantaloupe, Lime and Chile was refreshing with the chile adding an unexpected hit of heat.

Both soups come together in no time at all and are really beautiful as well as being tasty.

The recipe for the Avocado soup is here. I doubled the amount of radish in this recipe and would recommend you do that, too.

The recipe for the Cantaloupe soup is here. I did not have sambal oelek on hand but I did have other Asian chile sauces. Instead of buying another version of chile paste/sauce I used a little Thai Sweet Chili Sauce which has a little texture to it, like the sambal oelek and added a few drops of Sriracha for the heat. Feel free to use whatever hot sauce you have on hand.  Add a few drops and then taste until you find the amount of heat that’s right for you.

  1. 12-Jul-2012 10:37 am

    The avocado soup sounds good!

  2. 12-Jul-2012 10:03 pm

    They were both good. The avocado was fresh and yet felt rich since avocado is so creamy. The melon was refreshing but with a little surprise.


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