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Boom Noodle



Lunch at Boom Noodle


It’s another windy, rainy day in the Emerald City. Just like it was on Saturday when I spent the day on Capitol Hill while taking a class at Seattle University. At lunch I ventured out and soon found myself swathed in the warmth of Boom Noodle enjoying chicken phờ.

For my taste the broth is a tad bit boring but every table has a nice selection of hot sauce to perk it right up. The noodles, however, are outstanding. Delicate and silky with a little bit of resistance – just enough to keep the noodles from being mushy. The condiments are always super fresh. And I love the presentation with the condiments placed on a separate dish balanced on top of the noodle bowl. Beautiful.


Add some heat


After slurping my lunch I was fortified. The brisk walk back to the classroom felt refreshing. I was ready to spend another few hours sitting in the classroom absorbing new information.


Chicken Pho


Boom Noodle
1121 East Pike Street
Capitol Hill

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Boom Noodle
2675 NE Village Lane
University Village

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Boom Noodle
504 Bellevue Square

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