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Outstanding in the Field in the Northwest

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The gorgeous table location


Over the past several years I’ve gone to several Outstanding in the Field dinners.  I’ve written about some of them but have thoroughly enjoyed all of them.  A couple of weeks ago some friends and I attended an event on the California coast – magical!  I’ll write about that dinner soon.  It’s taking me forever to get through my photos but the photos in this post are from that dinner. In the meantime, the tour has made it here to the Northwest and from July 2 – July 13 there are several dinners in the Portland, Seattle and Whistler, BC areas.  And then they start working their way across the rest of the country.

I checked this morning and not all the events have sold out.  If you’ve yet to experience one of these dinners I encourage you to make this the year that changes.  If you’ve been in the past, you know what a treat they are and hopefully you’ll be attending another!  Most of us have very little chance to meet the farmers, ranchers and fishers who provide our food.  Access to some of the top chefs in the area is also part of the deal.  Plus, you get to meet lots of others who have an interest in food and that’s always a good thing!

So check their schedule and get out to the farm!


Alfaro Rose of Pinot Noir



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