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Seattle Restaurant Week


We are part way into Seattle Restaurant week – which is actually two weeks long.  There are 150 participating restaurants serving 3-course dinners for $28.  Some are also serving 3-course lunches for $15. 

Many have their menus posted on NWSource, the primary sponsor of the event. 

You can see the full list of restaurants here, and if you click on the restaurant name to go to their NWSource page you can check for the menu.  Just remember that menus are subject to change so what you see listed may not be available during your visit. 

Check the site for all other details and disclosures.

  1. 20-Apr-2011 1:28 pm

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  2. 21-Apr-2011 5:19 pm

    Hi Rachel!
    Thanks for your kind words. I’m not really set up for link exchange but I never object to anyone linking to Culinary Fool.
    Thanks and good luck with your blog!

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