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re:public restaurant and bar



A Comfortable Bar


Or maybe it’s re:public Bar and Restaurant – the website says one thing the menu the other!  Either way, it’s a place you want to know if you don’t already. 

There’s a two-block area of Westlake Avenue that is quickly becoming the heart of the restaurant/bar scene in the South Lake Union area.  Starting at Westlake and Harrison and traveling north you’ll find: Flying Fish, recently moved from it’s original Belltown location; Tom Douglas’ second Serious Pie and the newly opened Dahlia Workshop Biscuit Bar, which share space with Soul Wine; and re:public, owned by the guys behind Post and Mission.  Those are the big names in the area but you’ll also find smaller, more casual shops in the mix.


Michter’s Rye Manhattan


I need to give the new Flying Fish another try and in my book, so far anyway, Tom Douglas can do no wrong but I was really excited to see something that seemed like it could be more of a hang-out spot.  I’ve visited re:public three times now and it’s going to be a regular spot for me.   The feel of the place is welcoming with the brick, warm wood and interesting light fixtures.  There are booths, dining tables and several tall bar tables as well as a nice, long bar – my favorite spot, as usual – in the large, open space.  The times I’ve visited the crowd has been a nice mix of ages and business versus casual types; skewing a little younger but still enough variety that no one should feel out of place. 


Kusshi, kusshi!


Drinks are good, wine pours are on the generous side and there’s a decent selection by the glass and an interesting bottle list. And I mean interesting in a good way.  The beer lists seems to have something to suit most tastes, too.  I’ve mainly had Happy Hour food, so far.  I absolutely love the Kusshi oysters with the Meyer Lemon and Horseradish ice!  I could order a bunch of those and call it a meal.  The Pommes Frites and Happy Hour salad with Rogue Smokey Bleu cheese and Green Goddess dressing are both very good.  My dining neighbors at the bar told me that the cheese plate was delicious (the platter changes daily) and the Ham and Grúyere on baguette was inhaled by the fellow next to me, who then told me it was great!


Pommes Frites


The first time I was in my friend had a plate of one of the homemade pastas from the main menu and she declared it sublime – take into account that she had lived in Italy a couple of times so that means something. 

I really wanted to try the shortrib on the menu but was just too full after the oysters and salad on this last visit.  I’m looking forward to trying it or maybe the scallops or housemade paté next time.  And I just noticed they have a dessert called Ricotta Fritti….

As you may have guessed I don’t think you can really say the food falls into any one particular category.  It’s a little of this and a little of that – which probably means something for everyone.  And since menus will change periodically there will always be something new to try. 

429 Westlake Ave N
South Lake Union

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    The photos look great!

  2. 17-Feb-2011 1:13 pm

    Can you also tell me what comment plugin you are using?

  3. 17-Feb-2011 1:52 pm

    Foodster: Thanks! As for the comments – I’m racking my brain to remember if I did anything special but I’m pretty sure I’m just using the default option. If I remember anything else, I’ll let you know.

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