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Wine World Warehouse


There’s a new superstore in town and it’s serving up a very attractive product – wine!  Wine World Warehouse opened just in time for the holidays.  My life has been quite a whirlwind for the last few months and it’s just now settling down enough that I was able to check it out yesterday. 

I knew the place was going to be huge but I was not prepared for just exactly how big it is.  Really big!  It’s big in a couple of ways.  As you’d expect by the name there are hundreds of wines, but the place also has high ceilings, lower-than-normal shelves which keeps you from feeling boxed in, and wide aisles so there’s plenty of room to stroll and review the wines without bumping into other shoppers.  It feels spacious. 

I was looking for a very specific wine yesterday, which they did not have, but I took a little time to walk around and get a feel for the place.  I’m looking forward to going back when I have more time.  From what I saw there will be all kinds of things to surprise and delight.  I was wondering how their selections would compare to Esquin’s and from my quick perusal it looks like there will probably be quite an overlap in Northwest wines but there seemed to be different offerings from Italy and France, for instance.  I’ll need more time to get a better feel for that. 

I’m also looking forward to checking out some of their nightly tastings.  The plan when they started was to have tastings Monday – Friday from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm but they are currently running them seven days a week and, at least sometimes, starting at 5:00 pm.  They have a calendar on their site but it’s a little hit or miss.  If you have a Facebook account you may want to “like” them as they seem to post the day’s tastings pretty regularly on their page.  They also have a Twitter account but it does not seem to carry the tasting information as often. 

In addition to wines, Wine World carries a large assortment of wine accoutrements and they even have a “make your own basket” section for those times when you want to create a wine-themed gift. 

For those of you who regularly participate in wine tastings in the Seattle area you’ll probably be familiar with the primary principle, David LeClaire.  David has been running wine events for several years and so you’ll most likely have attended one of his events. 

Wine World is located just off of I-5 on 45th St. 

Wine World Warehouse
400 NE 45th Street
Seattle, WA, 98105


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