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Feast and Tweet #1 – Thai Food: September 29

There’s a new event in town and it’s all about two of my favorite subjects:  food and wine!  Over the past years there have been several online events where bloggers virtually "get together" to cook something or taste something or do some sort of activity and then blog about it.  But the bar for that is rather high since you have to have a blog to participate.  And lately, with Twitter’s popularity growing and growing, there have been lots of different kinds of "Tweet-ups" where any individual could participate just by using a hashtag in their tweet.  Sometimes those have felt like you’d better have a certain level of expertise to jump in. 
This is the first event that I know of that combines both of those ideas and it focuses on food and wine, not just one or the other.  This is an event for everyone from those with less experience to those with more.  Welcome to Feast and Tweet!
The idea of these events is to try pairing food and wine.  This is something many or most of us do on a fairly regular basis, even if it’s just in casual way.  You know what I mean, you come home and decide you’re going to grill up a steak.  Then you look at whatever wine you have in the house and pick something to drink.  Your choices may be limited by what’s on hand, but I bet you still try to figure what would work best.  And that’s all this event really is about.   The food "category" will be assigned – so that there is a common basis for the comparisons – but then you get to pick your wine!
There are no right or wrong answers.  The idea is to try something and then let people know how or if it worked.  Some wines will work, some will not.  And that’s okay. There is a super easy "grading system" for rating the wine on it’s own and then how it worked with the food.  Using this system anyone can rate their experience.  Then, if you are so inclined, you can also blog about your experience and provide more detail.  But only if you choose to.  The real "event" is the shared tweets. 
For the first event, being held tomorrow night, the food category is Thai.  Even if you don’t cook that’s generally something you can pick up as take-out, or even at the grocery store as a packaged meal and easily pull a dish or two together. 

You can get all the details on the Feast and Tweet site but in general you should plan your tasting to start around 6:30 pm Pacific time.  I realize that’s a little late for any East Coast folks and for future events I hope to see that change but for this first event that is our start time.  While you are on the site, take a look at the information that’s already there for you.  There’s all kinds of information including places to pickup food, recipes you can make on your own and some suggested ideas for wines.    

I know this is late notice – I was out of town for a few days and am just planning my strategy now – but I bet you can do it! 

I hope to see you online tomorrow night!


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