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D’Ambrosio Gelato

There is nothing more perfect on a hot summer day than a cooling gelato.  Especially when it’s made in-house with great ingredients on a daily basis.  Seattle has a new gelateria artiginale in Ballard, D’Ambrosio Gelato. 
They have a couple dozen (give or take) flavors to choose from.  Most are cremas (made with cream) but there are also several fruttas.  The menu is a mix of standard and special flavors.   I love that even with "one scoop" you can choose two flavors!   I went nutty today – half pistacchio, half nocciola (hazlenut).  But the fresh fruit flavors also looked very appealing.  If our temperatures stay warm this week I may need to make a couple more trips to Ballard! 
In addition to cups and cones you can purchase pints or quarts to go.
D’Ambrosio Gelato
5339 Ballard Ave NW

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