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520 Bar and Grill

For many years, Bellevue seemed to be a little lacking in the breadth of restaurant options.  There were some really great restaurants and a few fun, casual places but not a lot to choose from.  That has been changing over the last several years but there is still one big gap in the offerings.  Outdoor dining. 
A couple weeks ago the Seattle area was enjoying another soft, warm spring day and my friend P and I were trying to think of a place we might be able to grab lunch in the sun after a quick walk around Bellevue’s Downtown Park.  We settled on 520 Bar and Grill located in old town Bellevue.  While the food is not what you might call inspired it is good, solid and flavorful.  Portions are generous.  And they have one of those menus that has something for everyone from salads to burgers to full entrées; seafood to chicken to beef and even a few vegetarian options. 
They have a great patio to one side of the building and a few additional tables along the front sidewalk.  We chose a sidewalk table so we wouldn’t miss a minute of sunshine. 
We shared a BBQ Chicken Salad and the Steak Gorgonzola Pizza.  And had a couple of beers – a nice way to spend a springtime afternoon. 
520 Bar and Grill
10146 Main St
Old Town

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