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Chocolate-Banana Bread

While I was looking through cookbooks for inspiration for my recent brunch, I came across this Chocolate Banana Bread recipe in one my my Tyler Florence cookbooks.  I already had both my pastry and dessert strategy planned but I made a note of the recipe for future use – especially since I had a large bunch of bananas I was certain would get really ripe before I could finish them.  And they did. 
This morning I mixed up this easy recipe before starting work, popped it in the oven and have just sliced and consumed a piece.  Okay.  Two pieces! 
This bread is moist and spongy like other banana bread.  It’s really not too chocolaty which surprised me with the deep color.  Instead the chocolate flavor enhances.  It’s more apparent as you first take a bite, then gives way to more of the banana taste.  Best of all the bread is not too sweet.  I noticed that Tyler dusted his finished loaf with powdered sugar and I’d do that if I was planning to use this for dessert.  For a mid-morning snack with tea coffee, however, it’s pretty perfect as is. 
You can find the recipe in his Tyler’s Ultimate cookbook or on his blog here.  I highly recommend purchasing the cookbook, though.  In my experience Tyler’s recipes are always well-crafted, work as expected and are crowd pleasers! 

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