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Super Roll on the way to Super Bowl

I admit that in many ways – okay, maybe in all ways – I’ve been a pretty slow adopter of social media.  Which is a little odd considering that at times in my professional life (the job I get paid to do…) I’ve often been responsible for online communities and I always loved that part of my work.   Additionally, for several years I was one of the organizers of a local photography group that has its roots online.  Those online connections spilled out into the physical world where friendships were formed, skills improved, and activities of all sorts were planned and carried out.  So I’m no stranger to online communities and relationships. 
I have no idea what took me so long to jump in but finally I’ve become involved in some of the newer, but by no means new, communities.  At first this was to keep my job skills current and to understand how the various social media sites might be used for business purposes.  But soon I was sucked in by the glimpses into the lives of, and interactions and discussions with people in my other area of interest, the culinary world.  I can follow wineries, restaurants, producers, PR firms and the individuals who are members of this community.  I’ve been learning new things, "meeting" new people and sometimes contributing to the discussions. 
Last night I had the opportunity to attend a fun event at the house of one of these online connections and met a whole group of talented and interesting chefs, sommeliers and others in the food community.  It was fun evening. 
The event that brought us together was a promotion by a local company, Isernio’s.  Isernio’s makes several varieties of Italian sausage and other related products such as ground meats, chicken burgers and other international-style sausages.  They have recently introduced new bulk packaging of their chicken sausage and have engaged local chefs to create recipes featuring the products that would be suitable for a Super Bowl celebration. 
Last night I had the pleasure of sampling creations from Chef Dalis Chea of Fresh Bistro and Herban Feast.  (I’ve written about Herban Feast’s Sodo Park catering facility in the past.)  Chef Dali created two appetizers perfect for any sort of sporting event – or any sort of party, really – although you need to be comfortable with deep-fat frying to create them. 
The first dish was sausage-stuffed jalapeño pepper poppers that were breaded, fried and then served with a roasted vegetable sauce.  They had a lot of flavor and just a little heat.  He used larger, relatively mild jalapeño peppers.  Of course, they were perfectly fried.  The roasted vegetable sauce he served with them would be great with other meats, too.  I think I’d also like to try it as a finishing sauce for omelets. 
The second dish was my personal favorite.  Chicken sausage was formed into patties, breaded and fried.  Once done frying they were tossed with a buffalo wing-style sauce and served with blue cheese dressing.  They had all the elements of buffalo wings, were perfectly seasoned and spicy, yet were much easier and not nearly as messy to eat as traditional wings. 
I believe the recipes for both will be posted on the Isernio’s blog in the upcoming days so keep checking back! You can find recipes from all the participating chefs in the Super Roll Recipe category on the blog.  There are already a couple recipes up there that have caught my interest and I’m looking forward to seeing more of them.  

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