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Taste Restaurant (at Seattle Art Museum)

I can’t believe I’ve never posted anything about Taste!  Or at least I can’t find it. Perhaps I’ve never had my camera with me and thought I’d wait until I could show you photos of the food.  It’s a mystery to me and I need to rectify this immediately. 
Taste Restaurant is located on the first floor of the Seattle Art Museum (SAM) and is also referred to as Taste SAM.  It’s a great place to make a stop after visiting the museum and if I worked downtown I’d also frequent it for lunch.  The griddled cheese sandwich with roasted tomato soup is one of my favorites! 
A friend and I met at SAM after work on Friday, viewed a photography exhibit she wanted to show me and then before moving on to our next destination stopped in at Taste for a little Happy Hour celebration.  The Happy Hour doesn’t offer a huge discount but covers both food and beverages.  All food on the bar menu is $6 during Happy Hour.  The catch here is that some items are less than $6 normally.  So while you won’t be charged $6 for those items, they also aren’t on special during Happy Hour.  This last visit we had the Rosemary Frites.  They are so good!  Perfectly crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.  The rosemary adds a nice Mediterranean taste.  They are served with a freshly made rémoulade.  Other things I’ve loved in the past:  the pizza, flatbread or rillettes. 
Drink specials include a couple of wines by the glass for $7, the Hammering Man Cocktail for $5 and beers on tap for $3.  The wines are good if not great.  I think next time I’ll try the Hammering Man cocktail. 
An added bonus is that SAM members get a discount on the tab, too.  Taste also has cafés at the Seattle Asian Art Museum (SAAM) and the Olympic Sculpture Park. 
Taste Restaurant
At Seattle Art Museum
1300 1st Avenue

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