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Okay, I really can’t keep track of all the restaurant promotions that are now offered!  I don’t say this in a bad way, I think most of the promotions are good both for consumers and restaurants.  Consumers get a deal and are able to try new places at bargain prices (or return to those they love); restaurants get the opportunity to bring in more traffic and (hopefully) attract repeat business. 
The newest offering in this line of promotions is one called 4for48, 4 courses for $48.  A higher price-point than most of the promotions but it offers an additional course and includes locations that normally don’t participate in the other offers.  It runs throughout November, Sunday – Thursday evenings, with the exception of Thanksgiving. 
There are only thirteen restaurants participating including Lark, Le Gourmand and Crush.  You can check the 4for48 website for the full list and information about each restaurant, including links to their website.  In theory, the actual 4for48 menus are on the restaurants’ websites but I couldn’t always find them.  Perhaps they will be adding them when the promotion actually starts tomorrow. 

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