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Fall at the Farmers’ Markets

As the weather turns cold it is sometimes hard to remember that the Farmers’ Markets are still going strong.  In fact, fall is one of the best times to visit.  Not only are vegetables and fruits in abundance but the summertime crowds have dropped off so you can easily make your way from one vendor to the next.  And, much of the fall produce will hold longer and better than summer produce.  So at this time of year there are many items you can purchase now that will still be good over the coming days and weeks.  Saturday I snapped a few photos at the Seattle University District Market.  This represents just a portion of what was available.  I think it’s time you visited your local market!
Mobile Market Directory:  I just came across the application and haven’t tried it out but it looks promising!  I like to visit markets when I travel and this might be just the ticket!

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