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Mobile Chowdown aka “Meals on Wheels”

Seattle is home to many roving restaurants and the number seems to be growing every day. Tracking where each venue is located at any given time can be a little challenging, although most have websites with calendars and you can subscribe to their Facebook or Twitter streams.  Or it might be that knowing where they are is not the issue but coordinating your schedule with theirs might be the challenging part.
Well today you are in luck!  From 11:00 am – 3:00 pm at least eight of the mobile marvels are gathering in one spot.  The hard part, of course, will be choosing just what to have.  I’ve read that a couple of the vendors will have special (maybe smaller) offerings for this gathering but so far nothing indicates that they all will.  Instead, it seems most will be featuring something they are known for. 
The event will be located in an empty lot in Interbay at  1616 W. Bertona.  If you want seating, bring your own!    

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