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Trophy Cupcakes

I’m not exactly sure why, but carrot cake is a fall thing for me.  Which I think is rather odd, because I look forward to carrots in the spring and throughout the summer.  Maybe it’s because carrot cake generally has walnuts and sometimes grapes and those items make it feel like autumn to me.  Or maybe it’s because the richness of the cream cheese frosting is too much for warm summer days.  Or perhaps it’s just one of my many idiosyncrasies.  That’s probably the most likely explanation. 
I was at U-Village on Saturday and remembered that Trophy Cupcakes had recently opened a location there.  I popped in and picked up a carrot cupcake to go.  This new location does not have any sort seating inside, although on a nice day there is a lot of outdoor seating nearby. 
The cupcake was deliciously moist and tender.  The cream cheese frosting was a tad bit too sweet but by removing a little of it the cake and frosting came back into a nice balance.  It was just what I needed with an afternoon cup of tea. 
Trophy Cupcakes
2612 NE Village Lane
University Village

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