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Cool Summertime Treat

Here in Seattle we’ve had a warmer than normal summer – or at least it has been that way, although today is rather cool.  Last weekend I was invited to a friend’s place to watch the Seafair hydroplane races and more specifically, the air show.  This event defines summer for many Seattle residents.  This year we had a perfect hot, summer day to enjoy it. 
I decided that my contribution for the party would be ice cream sandwiches – there’s nothing better than low fuss and muss food for a summer party.  As I normally do when thinking of ice cream I turned to David Lebovitz’ book, The Perfect Scoop.  I knew I wanted to make Fresh Mint Ice Cream from the book for the filling.  Not only is mint refreshing but my spearmint plants are going crazy right now!  So I checked his book for cookie suggestions and found a recipe for a chocolate cookie.  Once I knew I was making a chocolate cookie I opted to add about a cup of chopped bittersweet Callebaut chocolate to the mint ice cream, too. 
David’s recipe makes a cookie that is not too sweet and is very crispy, kind of like a gingersnap.  They don’t get soggy when filled with ice cream.  The first batch I made I followed his recipe to the letter but decided that the 3" size the recipe called for was bigger than I wanted.  When these cookies bake they spread.  What went into the oven at 3" came out over 4" wide.  So I made a second batch and this time made the cookies about 2" to start.  Using this size the recipe gives you 24 cookies, enough for 12 ice cream sandwiches.  That was perfect for my needs.  (If you are using his recipe I reduced the baking time to 12 minutes, too.  That seemed just right for these smaller cookies.)
After I made the ice cream, and while it was firming up in the freezer, I made the cookies and let them cool.  The one thing I would change next time is that I assembled the sandwiches when the ice cream was firm but not yet frozen solid.  It was a warm day and that was a pretty messy process.  I think it might have been better to let the ice-cream get completely frozen and then let it soften a bit for assembly.   That’s probably what I’ll try next time. 
At the party, after we’d filled ourselves on hot dogs, salmon, chicken and several versions of summer salads we brought out the ice cream sandwiches.  I think they were the perfect ending to a perfect summer party. 

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