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Over the moon

I don’t really know as I have much to say here.  The photo might say it all.  But just in case…
I waited in line for 10 or 15 minutes and was happy to do it.  I had planned to order salted caramel but tried a taste of honey lavender and decided that was the winner today.  There was a speck of strawberry or maybe balsamic strawberry on my honey lavender and I nearly went back and got a second scoop once I’d tasted that. 
But really the honey lavender was perfect.  Not too sweet; creamy without being too rich; lightly flavored lavender that tasted of summer. 
It was warm in the shop, the lines were long, the servers were working hard.  They were amazingly patient and pleasant. 
Today I was at the Wallingford location but you’d find the same at the Capitol Hill spot. 
Perfect summer treat.  Perfect. 
1622.5 N 45th St
917 E Pine St
Capitol Hill

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